Handcrafted products made with eco friendly practices

It is my goal to cut out waste as much as possible. From using scrap, upcycled, and ethically sourced materials in new products to reusing shipping materials which would be headed to the landfill and using print-to-order fulfillment to prevent over-production, every item is made and shipped with our planet in mind.

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Aras, a woman with green fading to blue hair, septum and nostril piercing wears red glasses and leather jacket, pentacle button up shirt, and a grey beanie.

Hello, I'm Aras!

Welcome to my one woman operation known as Aras Sivad Studio, located in my home studio known as the Chaos Corner! I'm a Queer Artisan who makes all sorts of art from metal jewelry to sewing dice trays and digital art for surface design.

I'm inspired by the magic all around me from the wooded places I grew up, to the vibrant city of Chicago, people I meet in digital spaces, and the fantastic stories we tell together through tabletop games. You'll also see lots of pieces inspired by the King of Chaos, my late orange tabby cat named Rufus as well as Team Rocket, my feral kitten siblings turned lap cats and Chaos Coordinators.

Everything you find in my Handmade Store is (you guessed it) made by hand in my studio! Things you see in the Merchandise section (from coasters to clothing) are designed with my original art and is manufactured to order to help eliminate over-production of unsold goods.

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