Due to shipping complications, I am currently unable to ship to Austrailia at this time.
Due to shipping complications, I am currently unable to ship to Austrailia at this time.
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A rectangular bag with a zipper in the middle, a wrist strap, and green and blue watercolor dragons all over it.
A zippered bag with a wrist strap at one end and teal garden illustrated fabric outside.
A zippered bag with rainbow watercolor dragons outside, a wrist strap on one side, and dice on a wooden surface.
Aras Sivad Studios

CUSTOM ITEM: Travel Case

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Want something truly custom? You're in the right place!

The fabric is up to you to decide! You can pick fabric for the interior AND exterior of this bag. Click HERE to be taken to the available fabric gallery. Can't decide on a fabric? Give me a theme or a color palette and I'll do the choosing which may include fabric not available in the gallery. Zipper colors will be determined by me.

In the text box, enter your fabric choice(s). If no choice is specified, I will decide at random.

Estimated fulfillment time is about 1-2 weeks from purchase.

If you have any issues or questions, please use the Contact form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

The case measures about 10" long with sides 3"x1" when full! Use the wrist strap to keep your items close at hand!

D4 Bags

  • Features a zipper opening and a handy keychain clip for travel

  • Soft sides roll, squish, and fold for travel, but can re-form their original shape easily

  • +4 (inch) - hold about 5 sets of dice

  • +5 (inch) - hold about 9 sets of dice

  • +7 (inch) - holds 150+ dice

Clutch Bags

  • Easy pull zipper opens smoothly

  • Holds a Deluxe tray with insert as well as dice and writing utensils

  • Also great for small notebooks, makeup, and any other small treasures.

  • Flat clutch measures about 9"x5"

  • Matching wrist loop

Dice Trays

  • 5” square rolling surface and 3" tall sides.

  • Snaps at corners for easy, quick, and secure setup.

  • Lays almost flat or folds to 3”×10”×1” for travel.

  • Fabric bottom makes for easy folding

  • Corrugated plastic inserts in sides provide a sturdy (yet soft) stopper for dice - perfect for both precious gemstone and heavy metal dice!

  • Deluxe version comes with a separate bottom insert to provide additional protection for precious dice and rolling surfaces.

Keychain Bags
  • Custom handmade squeeze opening springs closed automatically

  • Holds a full 11-piece dice set

  • Also great for writing utensils, tampons, tube makeup, string cheese, etc.

  • Handy lobster claw clips securely to clothing and bag loops.

Medium Bags

  • Drawstring opening closes tightly

  • Paracord stands up to rigorous use

  • Cord clip keeps it closed

  • Flat size is about 7”×8”

  • Holds about 30 sets of dice

Travel & Hanging Cases

  • Specially sized to fit a Regular Tray (folded), writing utensils, and 4-5 sets of dice

  • Full kit fits easily in a bag or can be carried by the convenient handle!

  • Zipper closure makes for a secure close every time.

  • Travel Case includes a matching loop strap

  • Hanging Case includes a lobster clip at the top

Utility Rolls

  • Customizable pocket width means a snug fit for your utensils

  • Fold-over top helps to keep items inside

  • Faux Leather cording keeps the pouch rolled up for travel

Customer Reviews

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I love love love love my travel cases (yes - multiple). They are my absolute favorite Aras Sivad items. When I ordered mine a long time ago, I was looking for a cat pattern, and Aras was great at working with me to find something that I liked and would fit with the construction of the item without cutting off the design.. A+